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Kedushas Levi

For the very first time, ArtScroll Mesorah presents the classic treatise Kedushas Levi, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok’s fundamental Chassidic masterpierce, in readable and flowing English.  The holy Kedushas Levi was the great defender of mankind, and his thoughts are relevant to all who seek greater purpose in life and closer and more meaningful human and Divine relationships.

The Kedushas Levi deals in its entirety with general issues related to God’s worship—love and awe, devotion and faith. It is a book that is meant to rouse the spirit.  The Kedushas Levi encompasses the entirety of Chassidic thought in its broadest form: the worship of the heart and the introspection of the mind, seeing the Torah not as a distant doctrine but as the “Torah of man.” It is the essence of Chassidism, encompassing the great gamut of the movement’s vibrancy. It is an entire world in one work.

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