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Chassidic Classics Project

The literature of the Chassidic movement has grown considerably in quantitative and qualitative contribution to Judaica literature, in areas of basic textual commentary, festival and other worship, spirituality, personal growth, ethics and so many other areas central to Jewish life.  With few exceptions, classic Chassidic texts are heavily underrepresented in the extraordinary literature of classic texts that are now translated into accurate, clear and readable English.

The Chassidic Classics Project seeks to unleash the richness, meaning and beauty of classic Chassidic texts by making these works available in a readable and flowing English.  These works will provide:

  • serious scholars with smart and accurate study tools, 

  • those with desire to learn but hindered by language barrier with access to arcane classical Hebrew and technical terminology and concepts and 

  • those in search generally with a place to begin.


Moyshe Silk, a scion of Nadvorna Chassidim and student of Grand Rabbi Shloime Leifer, the Nadvorna Rebbe shlita, has toiled with a team of seasoned Torah scholars and translators for nearly three decades to bring the messages of the complete Kedushas Levi and Ma’aimer Mordechai to the English-speaking world. Mr. Silk is a veteran Big Law partner, former Senate-confirmed Assistant Secretary for International Markets of the U.S. Treasury Department and the first Chassidic Jew to be confirmed by the Senate for a senior Administration role.


Over his 20 plus years work on this project, Mr. Silk has built:

  • an extraordinary team with members who are true Torah scholars and masters of our holy sources and gifted in rendering the arcane Chassidic word recorded in Loshen Kodesh (the “Holy Tongue” or classic Hebrew) truthfully and accurately into a readable, engaging, and clear English, and 

  • an exceptional team of editors, proofreaders and technical staff support the team in tedious source-checking and source-supplementing, as well as copy- and style-editing with great professionalism, perseverance, speed, efficiency and grace. 

Sponsorships Available
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